5. Pousada Poosaga. Brazil: Salvador, Chapada and Morro de Sao Paulo

pousadapəʊˈsɑːdə/noun1. a hotel, B&B or guest house in BrazilOriginPortuguese, literally ‘resting place’. poosagapuˈsɑːgə/noun1. a period of being in somewhat less than perfect healthOriginRoamingtons June 2017, literally ‘poo saga’ As you probably have guessed from the blog intro, we were forced to face the age old reality about travelling this week; at some point everyone gets […]

4. Santiago & Valparaiso: A tale of two cities and a lot of food!

Without realising that snow had closed the border between Mendoza and Santiago four days ago, we arrived at the bus station happy and carefree…ignorance really is bliss! Luckily, 5-hours of uncertain but picturesque border “queuing” later, we managed to squeeze through and make it to Santiago just in time for Friday night kiddish at the […]

3. Brr it’s Chile! Puerto Varas & Mendoza

Welcome back friends (narrator voice from Jane the Virgin; thanks to Tash for our current TV obsession!). On pretty much a daily basis for the past two weeks our conversations have gone as follows: Me: Brr it’s chilly Liv: No, it’s Argentina and so just to break this cycle we crossed over from Bariloche (Argentina’s […]

2. Ice ice baby! Patagonia

A 3 hour flight from Buenos Aires takes you to the heart of Patagonia and to a small town called El Calefate, named after a small berry, and pronounced kal-eh-fatty which led us to numerous rounds of “hey miss Calefate” a slight adaptation of the song by Million Styles (who knew we were so gansta?! ). We […]

1. Buenos Dias from Buenos Aires

Alcohol and sleeping tablets made light work of the 14 hour flight, and before we knew it we were arriving in to Buenos Aires and were ready to face our first set of challenges…money, transport and mossies. Argentina at the moment is facing unusually warm weather leaving a swarm of mosquitos alive and hungry much to […]