12. Colombia 1: Cali, Cake and Coffee

  To fly or not to fly, that was the question! When facing either £2000 Peru to Galapagos to Colombia flights, or numerous days spent entirely on a bus (one being Liv’s birthday), we were stuck in an endless loop of SkyScanner and sketchy local transport websites. Our unconventional solution finally emerged involving a cheap […]

11. A wild-life: Galapagos

Having whet our appetites for wildlife in the Amazonian Rainforest (looking not eating!), we decided to follow in the footsteps of Darwin and head to the remote Galapagos Islands. As all flights depart from mainland Ecuador, we spent the night in the city of Guayaquil and surprisingly had the most delicious kosher burger…ever! The 400g […]

9. Machu and Macho! Peru: Cusco, Machu Picchu, Colca & Arrequipa

On crossing into Peru we discovered that, much like in Bolivia, protests are an extremely popular pastime. After learning of impending road blockades, we decided to skip Puno, pull an all-nighter and head directly to Cusco, the heart (or rather the belly-button to Liv’s disgust) of the 2,500 mile long Inca empire. In Incan mythology […]

8. Olivia in Bolivia: Sucre, La Paz, Death Road, Copacabana

After 2 months of rapid roaming and excessive Google Translate, we decided to hunker down and “estudiar espanol”. Once the capital of Bolivia (and still the constitutional capital), Sucre is a pleasant, mild climate, mid-altitude (although we still struggled up the hills) city located in the south-central part of the country. We settled in to the […]

7. Re-roaming! B-olivia: San Pedro de Atacama & Uyuni

Sometimes when travelling the stars align, other times, the only way to avoid eye wateringly expensive flights is to go the road… already travelled. The re-roaming(ton) began in Iguazu Falls and arrived into San Pedro de Atacama (aka northern Chile) 4 flights and 48 hours later after: a delicious steak in Buenos Aires, a picturesque […]

5. Pousada Poosaga. Brazil: Salvador, Chapada and Morro de Sao Paulo

pousadapəʊˈsɑːdə/noun1. a hotel, B&B or guest house in BrazilOriginPortuguese, literally ‘resting place’. poosagapuˈsɑːgə/noun1. a period of being in somewhat less than perfect healthOriginRoamingtons June 2017, literally ‘poo saga’ As you probably have guessed from the blog intro, we were forced to face the age old reality about travelling this week; at some point everyone gets […]

4. Santiago & Valparaiso: A tale of two cities and a lot of food!

Without realising that snow had closed the border between Mendoza and Santiago four days ago, we arrived at the bus station happy and carefree…ignorance really is bliss! Luckily, 5-hours of uncertain but picturesque border “queuing” later, we managed to squeeze through and make it to Santiago just in time for Friday night kiddish at the […]

3. Brr it’s Chile! Puerto Varas & Mendoza

Welcome back friends (narrator voice from Jane the Virgin; thanks to Tash for our current TV obsession!). On pretty much a daily basis for the past two weeks our conversations have gone as follows: Me: Brr it’s chilly Liv: No, it’s Argentina and so just to break this cycle we crossed over from Bariloche (Argentina’s […]